Hebrew Scripture Insights for Messianic Jews & Christians Everywhere
The Jubilee Shalom Version (JSV) delivers the best balance of the original Jewish intent and clarity of meaning in today's English.

Translation Philosophy

Understand God's Word the the way it was originally understood by the ancient Christians.

Hebrew for Christians

The JSV gives you the opportunity to learn and use the language of the Kingdom of God.

Bible Reading Plans

Get into regular Bible reading with these daily and weekly scriptures verse reading plans.

Why Choose the Jubilee Shalom Version (JSV) Bible
If the Apostle Peter or John translated the Hebrew Scriptures into contemporary English, then what would that Bible look like today?
Well, the JSV translation strives to be that translation that would be fully endorsed by any of the twelve disciples of Yeshua (Jesus) the Mashiach.

Hebrew Names Restored

Because of the unique nature of Hebrew names, the JSV doesn't translate names or proper nouns into any other language over 30,000 times throughout the text.


Original Jewish Intent

Whenever possible, the JSV aims and strives to restore the original Jewish context and the original intent of the scriptures as it was understood by the early Christians.


Aleph-Tav Utilized

The JSV understands the importance of translating the Hebrew Aleph-Tav word and not just ignoring it, over 10,000 times, as it appears within the Hebrew Scriptures.


God's Name Revealed

The JSV does not hide God's Hebrew Names behind religious titles such as ADONAI or LORD over 8,000 times. The Hebrew Scriptures doesn't do this, so why should the MJV do it.


Red-Letter Text

The JSV not identifies what was spoken by Yeshua (Jesus) with red-text, but also identifies everything that was spoken by God, the Father and by the Holy Spirit throughout the Bible.


Color-Coded Highlights

The JSV has a unique color-coding system that allows readers to quickly and easily identify five major themes throughout the text as it applies to the five-fold ministry today.

What People Say About the JSV Bible
The Jubilee Shalom Version (JSV) Bible is not structured for those who care about the traditions of men and/or political correctness over the original Word of God. So, if you're hungry for the original intent within the Word of God as it was originally inspired by the Holy Spirit then this version is for you.

Catherine Williams

JSV Bible Endorser

The Jubilee Shalom Version is an amazing and accurate translation of the Holy Scriptures. I highly recommend this valuable Bible to anybody to desires to dig deeper into the Bible truths that are already there.
Rupert Wood

Rupert Wood

JSV Bible Endorser

When I want to grow into the Word of God and know that I'm reading the Bible the way that it was meant to be understood, the Jubilee Shalom Version is the tranlation that I choose. Highly recommended to everybody out there.
Samantha Brown

Samantha Brown

JSV Bible Endorser

Wow, I never that Jesus was Jewish. I mean I knew he was born as a Jew but I never knew that he spoke Hebrew and that he lived out the Hebrew traditions and customs. This translation really opened my eyes to the Jewish intent.